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Stephenie Meyer FanFic: Breaking Down

Stephenie Meyer discusses her FanFic called "Breaking Down."


SM: Breaking Down was actually a project for a while. There was a while where you get burned out, we came up with an alternate Breaking Dawn called Breaking Down (laughs). It was awesome! Complete spiraling downward & destruction in Bella Swans life & everyone around her. Charlie became a meth addict.


SM: It starts out with Bella on the same cliff, right. Except this time she's taking her life & she's going back over like everything that has happened to get to this point. It all kinda got started because there was trouble & Alice and Jacob....I forget how it works.....Jacob killed Alice.


SM: So Alice is dead and Jacob is horrified because this is Bella's fault, and he like...backhands Bella and disappears he's gone. Alice is dead. So Bella is in the hospital on heavy pain meds which is how Charlie got addicted. She ends up marrying Mike. So she's stuck with Mike and it's very depressing and then he leaves her for Eric Yorkie.


SM: Oh AND....Lauren Mallory wins America's Next Top Model. And Charlie ends up getting killed by drug dealers, and I think her mom dies of a heart attack. So she ends up being nothing so she's gonna kill herself then says "this is stupid, I'm not going to kill myself. I'm gonna rebound, I'm gonna forge a new life. She turns around, trips and falls over the edge. There were so many expectations for Breaking Dawn. if this doesn't happen, I'm going to hate it and then the exact opposite, if the exact opposite doesn't happen I'm going to hate it. I'm like I'm going to write something that everybody hates (group laughs) and then I wanted to leak it. It was going to be great. We had a lot of fun, when ya know, coming up with these horrific ideas. You know the thing is that Billy Burke would kill Charlie on drugs. He'd be so good at it.


One of Stephenie Meyer's stories we would love to see make it to the big screen, however, is her fanfiction for "Breaking Dawn" called "Breaking Down." Apparently it came out of her nervousness for creating a final installment of "The Twilight Saga" that everyone would love, so she decided "to write something that everybody hates and then leak it."

How does "Breaking Down" differ from "Breaking Dawn"? Well, Jacob killed Alice, Charlie was a meth addict and got killed by drug dealers, Lauren Mallory won "America's Next Top Model" and Bella and Mike Newton got married, but he divorced her for Eric Yorkie. Oh, and Bella dies at the end. What's kind of funny is that "Breaking Dawn" ended up being just as bizarre in its own right. Still, we'd love to see fans tackle a film version of "Breaking Down" some day.


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