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Fan Fiction and Stephenie Meyer


I've seen comments stating that Stephenie reads and rates FanFic, but apparently that isn't true:

Have you ever looked at "Twilight" fan fiction?

Yeah, I didn't know what fan fiction was or that it existed. I didn't know that it was a thing before "Twilight", then people told me that it was there. I read, like, one story, and then my agent told me to cut it out. It was really cute, though. It was about someone trying out for a movie. It was not about the actual characters; it was about someone's interaction with it.

. . .

Do you not read it just because you think it's weird? Or are you worried that you'll accidentally absorb an idea?

No, I don't read because my agent counsels me not to. It's just not wise because there's a billion stories out there, and if you read it at all, then someone might think you've taken their idea, so it's just safer to stay away from it.

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